M.A.C Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer Review

M·A·C Pro Longwear Concealer is a lightweight, fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. Gives a smoother, flawless-looking finish on skin. Helps to conceal flaws, dark spots, skin discolouration and under-eye circles.

It’s packed in a carton. The actual bottle is made of glass and has a pump. It contains 9ml of the product to last forever and forever: Julia has used it almost every day for two years and now she has had to buy a new bottle.

I appreciate this pump because it is really hygienic, but it is dirty and spreads too much product, you will not need a full pump to cover your fundus area, I always use half of the spread, therefore, I hope using a toe applicator will allow me to reduce the waste of the product.

When you first apply concealer, it looks like a liquid. It’s really easy to mix, I gave it a little brush, but you can also use it with your fingertips, and once set, it turns into a really beautiful satin effect that lasts all day.

Usually, concealer will have a moist, creamy texture under the eyes, while it will have a dry, firm texture on blemishes and other areas of the face.

In my opinion, the Mac Pro Longwear concealer is the best of both worlds — moisturizing enough to cover eyes, but firm enough to hide blemishes. Despite being a liquid concealer, its dense, creamy texture dries out quickly and creates a matte finish.

It’s durable, lightweight, has medium to complete coverage, is perfect for blemishes, redness and dark circles, doesn’t wrinkle, and the tube is absolutely usable. For me, the only downside is that the pump distributes too much product and lacks true neutral tones. Even so, I don’t think I can survive without this concealer, and I’ll buy it back forever!


  • Long-wearing, 15 hours.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Transfer-resistant.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.
  • Non-acnegenic.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • For all skin types.

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