MAC Cosmetics Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara Review

This is the MAC Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash Mascara in Perm Black. A mascara that provides instant lift and curl that lasts up to 16 hours with a smudge-proof, warm water washable formula. Lashes with instant lift and curl last up to 16 hours with a smudge-proof, warm water washable formula. This impossibly lightweight mascara takes lashes to newsworthy heights.

The color coverage of this mascara is actually quite decent, letting off a good amount of color with a minimal coat of product. This, of course, is important in not finishing the product immediately, which, let’s face it, no one wants. This mascara is also really good at keeping eyelashes curled, maybe more so than so many matches I’ve seen.  This product, on top of these other things, is also quite long-lasting. “Extended play” is definitely is.

I wear glasses all day everyday, usually my mascar ends up all over my eyes and lenses. This one does not! It gives me beautifully curled thick lashes with tons  of volume and definition, without raccoon eyes! The formula is gentle on my lashes only requires warm water to remove!

With any mascara I use, I always curl my lashes and I curl them after my eye makeup and eyeliner is applied. I then put on a lash primer, and my #1 holy grail is the pmel Lash Essence Base. This stuff truly holds my curls up like no body’s business, I often use this for other mascaras that are not waterproof or would weigh my lashes down.

The formula is thin but thick enough to give a noticeable dramatic curl and extended length. Unlike other mascaras, this formula doesn’t get clumpy and the wand is perfect for separating my lashes.

This mascara wears pretty well, I put it on at around 7am and around 12 noon, it hasn’t flaked one bit and there was only a tiny amount of melting to my under eye area. When I checked it again at around 4pm (busy day), it was still holding on pretty good. No excessive melting despite the running around I do. By the time I take my mascara off, there is a bit more melting because I have been cooking, but it was still looking awesome. Lashes still curled and no flaking at all.

Removal was super easy with cleansing oil or warm water. I used a cleansing oil or balm most of the time because I remove makeup and sunscreen anyway, so I bring the cleansing to my eye area too. I hardly just use water to remove mascara. It removes cleanly, but not like tubes.

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