MAC Cosmetics Lipglass Reviews

If you’ve tried MAC lip gloss you know that they are very sticky and this one is no exception, the formula is very dense and thick yet very rich pigment and super gloss. Lipglass is really the perfect name and your lips will look like glass.

They share the same signature Mac lip aroma with a hint of vanilla, but not overly sweet. They taste good anyway, but the smell is really malleable. The viscosity level is medium to high, but not sticky, as long as I wear a uniform semi-thin layer can bother me.

Lipglass’s formula appears to be the same in texture and pigment. They are semi-sticky, they give off highlights, and in my case they do attach to the lips quite well, which makes them last quite a long time.

Lustreglass Shadows now look more like the Lipglass recipe. Previously, Lustreglass had a thinner, lighter texture with a tiny brush head applicator and pure coverage. The colors of the Beaux and Love Nectar are slightly different from the original versions.

In general, I really like the new style of packaging (except for the weight reduction). Of all the other color options, the only other option on my list is “Love Child,” and I like the original recipe.

I might pick that up in the fall, because right now I don’t like summer plums. In terms of quality and pigments, I found these to be consistent with the formula in the original package. Although the color has changed. Thumbs up in general.

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