MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot Review

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot is an eyeshadow that retails for $23.00 and contains 0.17 oz. ($135.29 per ounce). There are 45 shades in our database.

Mac Cosmetics paint pot comes in a sturdy, glass packaging with a tight black cover on the top. It has a sleek and classy appeal, easy to store in a makeup drawer and you can return the pot back to the Mac store after you’ll finish the product. Unlike squeezable eyeshadow primers, this format of packaging is less hygienic, because you need to dip your fingers or the brush right inside of a pot. Despite this, I prefer using glass pots over a regular tube, plus you can’t conveniently pack a thick, full-coverage eyeshadow primer in a tube. The pro paint pot has no scent whatsoever and there is 5 g/0,17 oz of product, so it will last forever!

At the moment, there are only six shades of the Paint Pot available on the official Mac Cosmetics website: Bare Study – soft beige with gold pearls; Groundwork – neutral taupe; Layin’ Low – warm, creamy beige; Soft Ochre – yellow-beige; Vintage Selection – dirty peach shade with subtle frosties; and Painterly – nude-beige shade, with a slight rose undertone.

As a standalone eyeshadow, eyelid primer or base for other shades, it’s perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

But everything covered under the bullet points above also make it an ideal candidate as a ‘safe to use on your face’ concealer. I wouldn’t normally recommend putting eyeshadow on your face, but Paint Pot hasn’t caused my skin to break out, it doesn’t oxidize ie change colour (essential for a concealer), doesn’t cake up or settle in pores (the opposite in fact).

Although it has a faint sheen in the pot, once applied it’s very definitely matt. A flattering nude beige that’s polished looking, never bland.

I have a few broken veins on my cheeks from rosacea and a fair bit of redness there too, Painterly covers them up like magic. You need only the tiniest amount to conceal. Because it is so creamy (but not overly soft), I’ve found it’s best applied with clean fingertips rather than a brush.

The eyeshadow colors definitely look more pigmented and stay on longer on the lids without creasing or fading. It’s also a good base for those with oily lids like mine. I’ve noticed that my lids hardly get oily when I use this as a base.

Summarizing my review, I came to a simple conclusion – Mac Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot is truly a controversial makeup product, it is not for everyone. If you are not ready to learn how to work with the product, it is better to pick something more approachable and effortless. If you need a product that will keep your makeup in place with a simple swipe, you should go for creamy smudge-proof eyeshadow primers with an applicator.

But, if you need a full-coverage, multi-functional product then give it paint pot a chance. Wear it solo on the lids for a no makeup, makeup impression, or use it as an eyeshadow primer for a pop of long-lasting color. Have you ever tried MAC’s paint pots, lovelies? If yes, how soon did it dried in the pot? I would really like to know your opinion. Thanks!

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