MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara Review

A waterproof carbon black formula that’s washable with warm water and lasts for up to 16 hours.  The breakthrough lightweight waterproof formula creates beautiful defined lashes with a petite brush. This long-wearing mascara lasts up to 16 hours, yet the washable formula removes easily with warm water thanks to an innovative thermal-sensitive technology.

The unique slim-type brush reaches and grips even the tiniest hairs with an advanced lifting formula in a saturated blackest black colour. This extreme defining composition enhances length, resulting in gorgeously distinguished, out-to-there lashes.

Mascara is the only product that I replace religiously and frequently. We should toss out a mascara in around 3 months and I do the same to keep my sensitive eyes healthy and free from any infection. Anyway, so since this is my mascara debut on IMBB, I thought I should do it in style and it could not be better than a pick from MAC! So without much ado, let us move on to the review.

The mascara comes in a navy blue-turquoise tube which comes in a typical MAC black carton. The carton has all the details and ingredient list mentioned on it. The tube just has the name and MAC manufacturing date code on it. The duochrome tube looks lovely. The surprise for me was the brush. The brush is simple, petite and small compared to the mascaras I have been using for a while. It is round, simple and tapered at the end.

The tiny little brush makes it easy to reach every single lash and it’s great for the bottom lashes. I have naturally quite long lashes and people comment on them a fair amount, but I have to say, whilst wearing this, numerous people have asked me not only what mascara I’m wearing, but if I’m wearing false lashes

Overall, I’m really impressed with this and would definitely repurchase it. It’s part of MAC’s permanent line (albeit not in the snazzy pink packaging) and you can pick it up from MAC counters or stores.

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