MAC Powder Blush Review

Designed by and for professionals. Formulated to provide fantastic colour with ease and consistency. Applies evenly, adheres lightly to skin to achieve a natural-looking application of colour that stays put all day.

One thing this product has in spades is pigmentation. There’s no doubt about the intense color payoff of this product, especially when so many blushes out there barely even show up over makeup. Whichever shade you pick, the product appears gorgeous.

What makes this product so great to use and apply is its texture. The product is neither overly powdery nor creamy—just the right feel to give it a good level of workability considering how strong the coloration of the product is. Its staying power is also pretty good, definitely much better than average.

It’s not the longest-lasting product out there, but it adheres to the skin just well enough to get a good six to eight hours out of it before the color fades completely.

There is a really good balance of buildable pigment that lasts quite well. For me it will last most of the day but it does start to wear off a bit around midday. My favourite thing about this blush is that you can use a little bit to create a very subtle natural flush to the cheeks or you can build it up for a more intense dramatic look.

The MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush is a fantastic, albeit understated, product by a brand from whom we’ve come to expect great quality. It’s easy to be intimidated by the intense color payoff of the product, but honestly, using a light hand does wonders for this it. The easily blendable texture and good adherence to makeup also put us firmly in favor of this product.

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