MAC Prep & Prime Lip Review

I love Mac Prep + Prime! In my opinion, skincare is just like makeup! I did everything I could and ended up loving it.

It is basically a lip coating base cream with handy tightening rods. The stick is long but thin, so it doesn’t take up much space in a makeup bag at all.

On first use, it feels very much like a typical light lip balm. It can even moisturize, moisturize and keep your lips toned, like a lip balm. It starts out very well lubricated, at which point you have to let it sit for about a minute.

After a minute, the texture will dry to a semi-matte effect and become slightly sticky and sticky, and this is when you know the best time to follow the lip color. Viscosity allows lip color to adhere to your lips for longer wear without interfering in any way with the color, texture, consistency or hiding power of the lip color.

While I don’t wear primer every day, it’s definitely a game changer for when I plan to travel, and there’s limited space for a handbag or time to put on a lipstick.

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