MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

There is a black shell on the outside and 3 units/compartments on the inside. One for the mirror, the second for the product, and the third for the sponge box.

Studio Fix doesn’t smell like anything! If your sense of smell is as strong as mine, look forward to the smell of Fuller Land! The product is very fine and feels too soft! More coverage! Sometimes I also use Lakme Compact, which not only brings me more benefits! I did realize that only after using Studio Fix! On a normal day, I’m ready to chill out with a moisturizer and Studio Fix!

The powder is too soft to touch, and once you put it on your face, you’ll be surprised to see how fine the texture is.

It has a smooth texture that blends easily into your skin and provides you with a full matte finish, thus allowing your skin to breathe well.

I also noticed that my skin didn’t fill up after I applied it; There is absolutely enough room for your skin to breathe without being suffocated at all.

I personally find this very useful for people with oily skin (my friend has tried it with oily skin and it worked for her). It works best when applied to a liquid foundation and stays the same for hours. Seek out the MUA to help you choose the right shade, which is essential when using powder and foundation products.

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